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This photo was taken during a gig in Amsterdam at a private function. As you can see it was a lovely sunny day.

So playing outside in the open air was really great.


Their band Jace consisted of 6 musicians in their last line-up. Before that they had a line-up of 8 musicians. Their last line-up was as follows:


Jess Rhyann (lead vocals, keys and percussion)


Cat Rhyann (lead guitar, (lead) vocals, bass guitar solo act)


Ron Chrispijn (drums)


Martin Reijerkerk (bass guitar)


Henk van der Brugh (rhythm guitar, vocals)


Winood Gena (percussion, vocals)


Whenever they got on stage and started playing it was as if a roller coaster was coming down your way. Jace was truly  a ”live band” and their music just blew everyone away during  their ”live” performances, with the drums and percussion solos, the bass guitarsolo of Cat, the powerful lead vocals of Jess and the very distinctive guitar solos of Cat. None of Jace’s recordings could match their powerful ”live” performances.


People compared Jace with Santana.  Pretty soon they had so many gigs that they hardly knew what day it was or which gig to go to. Which is great of course, but after a few years Jess and Cat decided to call it quits since they just didn’t have time for anything else anymore. It was not an easy decision to make but after a period of success and good conversation with the other members Jess and Cat quit in December 2006. Since they were the front women, band leaders,  songwriters, arrangers and producers for JACE the entire band dismembered and they all went separate ways.




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